Being Prepared Pays Off at Espace Emploi

After arriving from Tunisia in June 2018, Asma Messaoudi turned to CDEM for help in her job search, but not before trying to put all her ducks in a row to increase her chances of success.

“When I arrived in Manitoba, I started by taking English classes because I knew that a good command of the language would be useful in getting a job. When I felt fluent enough, I started looking for work.” Despite her proficiency in English, Messaoudi didn’t have the success she’d hoped for looking for work on her own. After a few months, she turned to CDEM for assistance.

“I was told that CDEM could help me, especially with writing résumés and cover letters. With that, I had a better chance of attracting the attention of employers.”

Indeed, the young woman received “a lot of help from CDEM’s Employability sector. For example, I sent them my résumé and they corrected it. They did the same for my cover letter, so that it had all the important things that might shift the balance in my favour.”

But what was most decisive for Messaoudi was her invitation to attend Espace Emploi on March 21, 2019, organized by CDEM. “With my résumé and cover letter corrected in advance, I felt very confident approaching the recruiters I was interested in. I felt calm.”

Being able to pre-select the potential employers she wanted to meet, thanks to CDEM, and thereby knowing in advance what her interview day would look like, also contributed to her success.

“I was able to choose the three employers that suited me best on paper, and then CDEM helped me add more to optimize my chances of finding a job. And since I hadn’t managed to get many interviews on my own, I thought it would be a good exercise for me, no matter what.”

By the end of the job fair, the young civil engineering graduate, who also holds a doctorate in telecommunications and two master’s degrees, got what she had come looking for: a job.

“I got my first job since arriving in Manitoba, as an administrative assistant with Western Economic Diversification. That’s what I was hoping for!”

CDEM's next Espace Emploi job fair takes place on October 3rd, 2019.

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